Property Division

When a couple thinks of divorce in California, the division of property becomes the most challenging task for which you always need a skilled family law attorney who can provide professional legal assistance in tacking the complex issue of the division of property, debts, and assets.

Family Law Attorney Adam Moloudi has tremendous experience in divorce cases involving division of property, debts, and other assets.

To determine which property should be considered community property, and which should be a separate property is the most difficult task in the division of property. Adam Moloudi and his legal team protect the interests of the clients by evaluating all the issues essential to the distribution of marital property.

Attorney Adam Moloudi understands the division of property, debts, and assets will play a critical role in securing his clients’ financial interests in divorce. If the client opts for resolving the divorce case with the help of collaborative law, or the client goes to court in a bid to resolve the issue; Adam Moloudi will provide stellar legal guidance and services.

Community Property and Property Division in California

The division of property, especially in California, is a bit complicated process as a property can be categorized either into community property or separate property. In California, the marital assets that you and your spouse have acquired during the marriage can be considered community property.

According to California family law, the property acquired during the marriage will be subject to equitable distribution. If the parties do not reach an agreement regarding the division of property, the court will equally split community property between them.

Family Law Attorney Adam Moloudi has tremendous experience in divorce cases involving division of property, debts, and other assets. Adam Moloudi, one of the most experienced family lawyers in California, has an income tax background that gives him a unique advantage in detecting hidden assets and analyzing income and expenses during marital property division.

Family Law attorney Adam Moloudi will give complete attention to all the factors determining the division of assets, even though the community property may be divided equally between the parties in the most divorce cases. However, Adam Moloudi will use superlative legal skills in discovering undisclosed or concealed material assets while gaining an advantageous position for his clients in divorce litigation.

Adam Moloudi and his team are highly experienced in tackling extremely complicated community and separate property issues in the divorce cases. We ensure an aggressive representation of our clients in the divorce cases for the protection of their interests and rights.

The Law Offices of Adam Moloudi is not only capable and prepared to handle standard divorce cases but also complex divorce cases involving complex financial and property matters. Attorney Adam Moloudi understands the stress and emotional strain his clients go through during divorce proceedings. He will answer your questions, inform and guide you through the process, help you formulate goals, set realistic expectations, provide you with options, formulate a case strategy, negotiate from a position of strength, and ultimately be prepared to litigate if reasonable agreements cannot be reached.

The Law Offices of Adam Moloudi is dedicated to supporting you through the challenges of the divorce process with aggressive and thorough representation.