Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, many family law disputes involve violence or the threat of violence, necessitating protection orders in the State of California. The Law Offices of Adam Moloudi is fully prepared to get clients the protection they need from violence with orders of protection in California.

If you are afraid of someone, or you are concerned for the safety or well-being of your children, contact our office today, Beverly Hills Family Law Attorney Adam Moloudi will help you protect from all kinds of domestic abuse.
Effect of Domestic Violence on Spousal support:
Are you married to someone who’s always in a bad mood? But did you know that if your spouse has been convicted of criminal domestic violence, it could also make him or her ineligible to receive spousal support?

If one spouse commits acts of violence against the other spouse, upon criminal conviction of that spouse, the family court may deny temporary or permanent spousal support to the convicted spouse, regardless of the gender.
In a 2013 California case, a wife committed acts of domestic violence against her husband, and the court denied her request for spousal support based on Family Code 4325.

The presumption of Family code 4325 is rebuttable {Family code 4325(c)}. The denial of spousal support is not automatic. You can overcome the presumption by introducing admissible evidence such as the fact that the victim had previously committed domestic violence against you. Also, you can rebut the presumption under family code 4325 by proving that despite the conviction, the court should award spousal support. If you’ve been convicted on charges of domestic violence, it will be harder to gain spousal support. However, it is not impossible.

Here is entire California Family code 4325:

(a) In any proceeding for dissolution of marriage where there is a criminal conviction for an act of domestic violence perpetrated by one spouse against the other spouse entered by the court within five years prior to the filing of the dissolution proceeding, or at any time thereafter, there shall be a rebuttable presumption affecting the burden of proof that any award of temporary or permanent spousal support to the abusive spouse otherwise awardable pursuant to the standards of this part should not be made.

(b) The court may consider documented evidence of a convicted spouse’s history as a victim of domestic violence, as defined in Section 6211, perpetrated by the other spouse, or any other factors the court deems just and equitable, as conditions for rebutting this presumption.

(c) The rebuttable presumption created in this section may be rebutted by a preponderance of the evidence.

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