Child Custody & Visitation

Child custody is perhaps the most important issue for parties in a divorce, modification, or non-parental custody action. We understand these cases are often highly emotional and can be profoundly consequential to our clients and their children.

The Law Offices of Adam Moloudi ensures that each client understands the strengths and weaknesses of their particular case so that they can make the best decision for themselves and their families.

Family Law attorney Adam Moloudi helps you work out a parenting plan protecting strongly your parental rights. Adam Moloudi has more than 17 years of experience in providing legal services in family law cases in California.

Our legal efforts are always centered around the concept of maintaining a strong relationship between you and your child by working out physical and legal child custody arrangements. In California, Child Custody Law always dictates that visitation and child custody should be determined in the child’s best interests.

We handle all types of family law matters, including:

The Law Offices of Adam Moloudi is not only capable and prepared to handle standard divorce cases but also complex divorce cases involving complex financial and property matters. Attorney Adam Moloudi understands the stress and emotional strain his clients go through during divorce proceedings. He will answer your questions, inform and guide you through the process, help you formulate goals, set realistic expectations, provide you with options, formulate a case strategy, negotiate from a position of strength, and ultimately be prepared to litigate if reasonable agreements cannot be reached.

The Law Offices of Adam Moloudi is dedicated to supporting you through the challenges of the divorce process with aggressive and thorough representation.